Thank you for all participants

We hope you returned home with good memories from the championship. While relaxing from your fatigue, visit the gallery in the link below and relive every moment of the competition by looking through the pictures.

Opening ceremony of EFAC2023

The competition opening ceremony will be held on July 24th in the main square of the city of Sopron. The parade of nations starts at 2:30 p.m. from the Mária statue located two hundred meters from Fő tér. Meeting point:

We are ready and waiting for you

On July 23, from 1 p.m., we warmly welcome archers coming to the competition in the registration tent. The shooting range will also be available on Sunday.  

Used targets offer

At the EFAC 2023 competition, we exclusively use ELEVEN+ buttresses produced in an eco-friendly way and EP inserts that ensure easier use and increased life-time.After the competition, EFAC2023’s used targets will be available for purchase with a 40% discount from the list price and even free delivery up to a distance of 1000 km (when […]

JVD Archery – WeAreArchery

At JVD Archery we are passionate about archery and take pride in being a leading and trusted distribution partner for the entire industry. Our experience and dedication enable us to provide excellent distribution services from manufacturers to dealers worldwide, offering a wide range of quality products, professional services, and competitive prices. It’s quite likely that […]

City of Sopron

Sopron is one of the most romantic towns in Hungary, with its winding, cobbled streets, historical gates and colourful houses, and it also shows its thousand faces in terms of culture.


All courses are built with high quality targets manufactured by ELEVEN Targets.

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