Welcome to EFAC2023, We are glad that you want to join this great event.
Registration will be open with 19-th of December till 1-st of July 2023.

Your registration starts with entering your data.

Please fill out all points of the registration form and transfer the registraton fee and banquet fees to the bank account in the email you received within 14 days.

Be sure to write the Registration ID(s) in the note of the transfer. If you are submitting several entries at the same time, enter each Registration ID.
The transfers are processed by our colleagues, so it may take a few days for confirmation. Please be patient.

The valid registration is displayed on the website with the inscription “Paid”, and we send an email as confirmation.

The number of competitors is limited to 330 people.
After the first 330 paid registrations, you can apply for a waiting list.
(Received and confirmed entries are considered valid entries)

If you have a question, write to, we will answer it soon.

registration closed

Participants list

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 First Name Last Name GENDER Country Am/Pro DIVISIONS Style Pro Style Paid
TheoPassierMaleNHB/NetherlandsVeteran (55+ years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedPaid
AareLaurenMaleFAAE/EstoniaAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Bowhunter-RecurvePaid
OláhRóbertMaleHAA/HungaryAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Traditional Recurve BowUnpaid
MichaelKaikovMaleIFAF/IrelandVeteran (55+ years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
MohammadbaqerMaleNFAA/USA- GUESTProfessionalProfessional Limited RecurveUnpaid
TriinKentFemaleFAAE/EstoniaAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Barebow RecurveUnpaid
BenjaminLepaulMaleFFTL/FranceAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Freestyle RecurveUnpaid
PétetSzabadkai dr.MaleHAA/HungaryVeteran (55+ years of age)LongbowUnpaid
RalfSpickenbaumMaleDFBV/GermanyVeteran (55+ years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
AnneSeinFemaleFAAE/EstoniaJunior (13 - 16 years of age)Freestyle RecurveUnpaid
GeorgHeilandMaleDFBV/GermanySenior (65+ years of age)Bowhunter-RecurveUnpaid
JamesMoloneyMaleIFAF/IrelandAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Barebow RecurveUnpaid
VladimirHurbanMaleSAA/SlovakiaAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
BenjaminGunglMaleHAA/HungaryYoung Adult (17 and 20 years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
KristoKentMaleFAAE/EstoniaAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Bowhunter UnlimitedUnpaid
JuttaSpickenbaumFemaleDFBV/GermanyVeteran (55+ years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
MonikaWeberFemaleDFBV/GermanySenior (65+ years of age)Bowhunter-RecurveUnpaid
RobertHallMaleIFAF/IrelandAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Freestyle UnlimitedUnpaid
ThomasSillmannMaleDFBV/GermanyAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Barebow RecurveUnpaid
BertJagerMaleNHB/NetherlandsAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Barebow RecurveUnpaid
StephanHäggiMaleFAAS/SwitzerlandVeteran (55+ years of age)Bowhunter UnlimitedUnpaid
AnuUusmaaMaleFAAE/EstoniaAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Bowhunter UnlimitedUnpaid
TimoViitanenMaleFFAA/FinlandAdult (21 - 54 years of age)Barebow RecurveUnpaid
JürgenWegnerMaleDFBV/GermanyVeteran (55+ years of age)Bowhunter-CompoundUnpaid
LecardonnelGillesMaleFFTL/FranceVeteran (55+ years of age)Bowhunter-CompoundUnpaid
 First Name Last Name GENDER Country Am/Pro DIVISIONS Style Pro Style Paid