As Chairman of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association and behalf of the City of Sopron, I am pleased to invite you to the IFAA European Field Archery Championships 2023.

The Competition will take place 24–30th of July 2023 and will be shot according to the IFAA rules and regulations. The event is open to all competitors from European member countries.

The Championship will be held in Sopron. The place of competition a beautiful horse club near Sopron at the foot of the Alpine mountains.
Vadon Horse Club, Ágfalva and the nearest mountains ideal place for good competition.
The city of Sopron is rich in restaurants, accommodation, and recreational programs. After the competition days, there are countless opportunities to recharge and rest for the next day.

Finally, on behalf of myself, the event Organizing Committee, and all Hungarian Archers I warmly welcome all of you to Sopron.

János Szedlár
Chairman of OC


IFAA European Field Championships 2023
24-30. July Sopron (Ágfalva), Vadon Lovas Klub

23th Sunday

13.00 – 17.00

13.00 – 17.00

Registration and equipment inspection

Practice range open

24th Monday

09.00 – 13.00

09.00 – 13.00



17.30 – 

18.00 –

20.00 – 21.00

Registration and equipment inspection

Practice range open

Delegate’s meeting Hotel Vadvirág

Team captain’s meeting Hotel Vadvirág

The March of Nations

Tournament opening ceremony

Late registration

25th Tuesday

07.00 – 08.30

09.00 – 17.30

Practice range open

Day One Field Round

26th Wednesday

07.00 – 08.30

09.00 – 17.30

Practice range open

Day Two Hunter Round

27th Thursday

07.00 – 08.30

09.00 – 17.30

Practice range open

Day Three Animal Round

28th Friday

07.00 – 08.30

09.00 – 17.30

Practice range open

Day Four Field Round

29th Saturday

07.00 – 08.30

09.00 – 17.30

Practice range open

Day Five Hunter Round

30th Sunday

11.00 – 15.00

Prize ceremony / Banquette


The event is hosted by SOPRON

The archers meeting place is the Vadon Lovas Club

Registration fee

Registration fee230 € / Adult, Veteran and Young Adult / Junior & Cub
Family* discount30 €/ person

*family = husband, wife, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren)

The discount can be claimed at the on-site registration. There is a 30 € refund per person if family members present their documents (passport, ID card, Driver’s license) as proof.

The net fees (after bank and transfer fees) needs to be paid in 14 days after preliminary registration or reg place is deleted from the system.

Refund policy: 90% refund before 1-st of July. After First of July no refund.

Registration deleted if not paid in 14 days.

Registration deadline: 1-st of July 2023.
Please do not transfer registartion fee after 15-nd of July 


Account number IBAN: HU21 1176 3165 1686 8887 0000 0000
Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt. Budapesti régió
Bank address: 1163 Budapest, Jókai u. 3/b.
Account owner: Magyar Íjász Szövetség
Account owner address: 1163. Budapest, Margit utca 28.

Other costs

Transport from and to the airport (Schwechat)

If you need a shuttle bus, please write to with the arrival time and the names of the people arriving. After confirmation, please pay the freight by transfer to the with cash in the place.

If you need help transporting a larger group, please let us know, we are looking for a solution for this as well.

50 € /person

Banquette fee for dinner and drinks

Please add to your registration and transfer the banquette fee(s) with your registration fee.

28 € /person

Shooting RULES

IFAA rules for World Bowhunter Championships apply unless noted in the current rule sheet.







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